The Hidden Costs of Handling Your Traffic Court Case on Your Own

north carolina traffic law

When it comes time to stand before a judge in traffic court, you may be tempted to represent yourself, thinking it’s a minor infraction you can handle on your own. Representing yourself in traffic court may seem like a cost-effective option at first glance, however, many people don’t realize that the hidden costs of not…

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Texting While Driving in North Carolina

Texting While Driving in North Carolina

Distractions while driving are not new, but they are a growing cause for concern for drivers in North Carolina. Over 250,000 traffic accidents occur in North Carolina each year, and according to the Charlotte Department of Transportation, distracted driving was a contributing factor in 22% of all crashes in the city last year. That figure…

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How can the Traffic Education Program get my South Carolina ticket dismissed?

traffic education program

One of the first questions we often get as defense attorneys is, “how do I get this ticket dropped?” While not all tickets are able to be dropped or dismissed, most of the tickets we handle at SeiferFlatow are able to be reduced.  If you do not meet the guidelines for dismissal, or we believe…

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What you need to know about Driver’s License Points in South Carolina

Driver's License Points

When clients call us about traffic-related issues – like speeding tickets – their first questions are usually:  How many points will the ticket add to my license? Can I avoid getting points on my license? How long do the points stay on my license? What are license points? In South Carolina, points are the consequences…

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Driving Under Suspension in South Carolina

driving under suspension in south carolina

Driving under suspension (DUS) is a serious traffic offense and never should be taken lightly. It can have a significant consequence to not only your driving privileges but also could result in the loss of your freedom. If you receive a driving under suspension citation, you should consult a South Carolina traffic attorney as soon…

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Representative Case: Failure to Deposit Security in Collision Fatality Case

failure to deposit security

Practice Area: Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, DMV/Traffic A client called the office explaining that he was in an accident and the other driver had died from the collision. He had another attorney handling his criminal charges but he received a letter from DMV, and one from a law firm seeking monetary relief. This client came…

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Visitors’ Guide to Driving in North Carolina

driving in north carolina

An estimated 39 million families in the US are planning to travel this Thanksgiving, meaning no matter where you live, roads are likely to be more congested than normal. No one wants to spend their holiday dealing with the aftermath of an accident, but if you are injured in an accident, our personal injury attorneys…

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How to make your Charlotte commute safe for everyone on the road

car accident charlotte

As a fellow Charlotte commuter, I know how traffic can get during morning and evening rush hours. It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re running late and I-77 is backed up, but don’t take your frustration out on the other drivers who are in the exact same position you are. Avoid causing or being the…

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Tampering with Traffic Cameras

traffic cameras

Traffic cameras are used in areas throughout the country to help authorities catch those violating traffic laws at intersections and on roadways. Though they are often a source of controversy, they are still active in many states and municipalities. One New York man recently decided to take matters into his own hands. A man from…

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An officer told me I could just pay my tickets off and wouldn’t have to spend money on an attorney. What should I do?

traffic tickets

You were pulled over while driving and the officer wrote you a ticket. The officer then proceeds to tell you to just go pay the tickets off and not hire an attorney. However, you should always hire a lawyer if you are charged with a crime and unsure how to proceed. It is shocking how…

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