Tampering with Traffic Cameras

Traffic cameras are used in areas throughout the country to help authorities catch those violating traffic laws at intersections and on roadways. Though they are often a source of controversy, they are still active in many states and municipalities. One New York man recently decided to take matters into his own hands.

traffic cameras

A man from Ronkonkoma, NY, who was tired of being caught by Long Island red light cameras decided to take matters into his own hands. Using a painter’s extension rod, 42 year old Stephen Ruth began tipping traffic cameras out of their proper positions along the Long Island Expressway so they could no longer observe traffic violations at various intersections.

The plan worked until Mr. Ruth decided to post a “how-to” video of himself on YouTube showing other motorists how to tamper with the traffic cameras. Police used the video to identify Mr. Ruth and charged him with four counts of criminal tampering and obstruction governmental administration after numerous cameras began filming clouds rather than intersections.

Most North Carolina jurisdictions did away with red-light cameras following a series of court decisions in 2007 that made their operation prohibitively costly. But according to the Fayetteville Observer, the cameras could be making a comeback statewide in the near future. Fayetteville recently brought cameras back to a handful of problem intersections, and the Charlotte Observer reported that officials in Charlotte are intrigued by the re-installation of the cameras and will monitor Fayetteville’s results.

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