Decoding Your Insurance Declarations Page

insurance declarations

Knowing what your insurance covers in case of an accident or emergency is imperative, but deciphering an insurance policy can be tricky. Clients often admit to us that they’re not sure exactly what coverage they’re paying for, how that coverage affects their claims, or even what to look for when looking at their policy.   Luckily,…

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What happens if I’m in a car accident and I don’t have valid insurance?

car accident insurance

All drivers in North Carolina are required to have car insurance, and, when it expires, police officers can pull over and cite those who drive without insurance. Often, we hear clients ask: What happens if I’m in a car accident and I don’t have valid insurance? The penalties for driving without car insurance in North…

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Charlotte

dangerous intersections in charlotte

A car crash is a terrible thing. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there were almost 28,000 crashes with 64 fatalities and more than 13,000 injuries in Charlotte last year. Almost 1,000 of those crashes involved alcohol. There are about 800,000 people in Charlotte. If each crash involved just one person, that would…

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I’m licensed in another state. How will a DWI conviction affect my driving privileges in North Carolina and my license in my state?


In 1983, North Carolina combined all of its alcohol- and drug-related driving laws into a single offense called “Driving While Impaired.” Most DWI stops are alcohol-related. North Carolina DWI Laws The legal limit for individuals over the age of 21 is a BAC of 0.08%. For commercial vehicle operators, it’s 0.04%. If you already have…

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How do I get treatment for my injuries if I don’t have health insurance or the cash to pay up front?

health insurance

With the Affordable Care Act still in its infancy, many Americans still don’t have health insurance. The cost of health care is staggering, often well beyond the means of the average person to pay. Car accidents are particularly expensive. In 2012, the average car crash resulted in about $3,000 in property damage and almost $15,000…

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How do I receive compensation if the person who hit me didn’t have car insurance at the time of the accident?

car insurance

You know that you’re legally required to have auto insurance. Unfortunately, not everyone follows that rule. When you’re in a car crash, the at-fault driver’s insurance will cover your medical costs and car repairs. So, what happens when the person who hit you doesn’t have car insurance? Car Insurance in North Carolina You’re always required…

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