A premarital agreement (more commonly known as a prenuptial agreement, or “pre-nup”) is a contract that two parties enter into before they marry. This contract lays out what the couple will do with various assets and rights in the event of a divorce or death of a spouse. When people think about a premarital agreement they tend to think about issues of trust between the spouses and ensuing divorce, but premarital agreements are also made to help organize affairs if one spouse were to die.


The one thing that North Carolina law clearly states cannot be contained in a premarital agreement is anything that adversely affects a child’s interests.


A premarital agreement is a way to protect yourself before you enter into the lifelong commitment of marriage. It is important to have an attorney draft and execute a premarital agreement for you so that the agreement will be enforceable and it will be written to best protect whatever you want to include in it. If you are considering a premarital agreement, call the attorneys at SeiferFlatow today at 704-512-0606 to set up a consultation.


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