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Personal Injury Compensation: Catastrophic Injury Cases

A question from a potential client: I have had a severe, disabling injury, what are my legal rights to personal injury compensation? Catastrophic injury is a catchphrase that generally refers to a permanent and disabling injury.  Such injuries include spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and loss of limbs. During these times, medical…

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Traumatic Brain Injury – What can I do if I have a traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury in NC

A traumatic brain injury can be one of the worst injuries a person can have because it changes a person’s life. Symptoms can range from headaches and dizziness to lost memory and cognitive impairment. Other effects may include irritability, change in sleep habits and mood, sensory deficits, communication difficulties, and motor skills complications.   Traumatic…

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Impact of a DWI Charge for CDL Holders in North Carolina

for CDL Holders in North Carolina

Those who hold a Commercial Driver’s License (also known as a “Class A” license or “CDL”) are well aware that they are held to higher standards and greater scrutiny on the road. This remains the case even when a CDL holder is off the clock and driving for non-commercial purposes. One of the most impactful…

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Criminal Summons vs. Warrants for Arrest in NC

Criminal Summons vs Warrants for Arrest in NC

Being served in NC can have a serious impact; in this post, we’re breaking down the difference of criminal summons vs warrants for arrest. North Carolina is a unique state which allows local judicial officials to issue citizen-initiated warrants. This means that a citizen can go down to a local Magistrate for example, explain to them…

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North Carolina DWI Consequences for Out-of-State Drivers

North Carolina DWI

If you are visiting North Carolina, you should be aware of the traffic and DWI laws the state upholds. There are consequences to breaking these laws, even if you carry a license from a different state. DWI Laws in North Carolina The legal limit for individuals over the age of 21 is a BAC of…

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Visitors’ Guide to Driving in North Carolina

North Carolina travel

An estimated 39 million families in the US are planning to travel this Thanksgiving, meaning no matter where you live, roads are likely to be more congested than normal. No one wants to spend their holiday dealing with the aftermath of an accident, but if you are injured in an accident, our personal injury attorneys…

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The Cost of a DWI in North Carolina

cost of a DWI in NC

A DWI is an expensive proposition. It can cost you your freedom and it can also cost a pretty penny. You may choose to go along with the charge and just pay whatever the court orders, or you may choose to defend yourself and fight the charges. So, what is a DWI in North Carolina…

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