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Specific Issues When Foreign Corporations are Sued in the US

When Foreign Corporations are Sued in the US

Unfortunately, companies in the United States must accept that, at some point, they will be sued and brought to court. Companies should budget for this eventuality and simply anticipate that they will have to deal with disputes as a major cost of doing business. Similarly, if you are a company based outside the US, doing…

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The Tools Available to Protect the Business Interests of International Companies

protect the business interests of international companies

International companies doing business in the United States can encounter a litany of legal and regulatory challenges as they navigate a system of rules that can be quite different from those governing company operations at headquarters overseas. One of the keys to establishing and maintaining successful U.S.-based operations is the strong drafting of agreements that…

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International Startups Entering the United States

international startups entering the United States

While our Charlotte-based law firm is equipped to handle a variety of cases involving business litigation, we also support businesses through a host of transactional services, as well as assist companies looking to get started and those looking to grow in the United States. Our team has extensive experience working with US-based businesses who offshore…

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Our Legal Work for International Businesses in Charlotte

Legal Services for International Businesses in Charlotte

SeiferFlatow, PLLC has built a strong reputation in the Charlotte business community for aggressive, yet practical, advocacy through years of experience representing small and mid-sized businesses in all of their legal needs. While our firm is best known for litigation work and excellence in the courtroom, many may not realize we offer a full suite…

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Frequently Asked Business Law Questions

Small and mid-sized business deal with a variety of legal issues on a daily basis. Many decisions fall to the hands of management, but the best course of action is to seek legal counsel to ensure the business is protected. Our business clients call us often with questions about best practices, advice regarding operating procedures,…

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Spotlight on Small Business in Charlotte

Small Business Law in Charlotte, NC

This week kicks off National Small Business Week (April 29- May 5) and also starts Small Business Month for Charlotte! Both occasions have us feeling extra grateful for both our clients who support a legal firm that takes a different approach than some of the larger, corporate-style firms and also for our small business clients.…

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Workplace Harassment Claims- What Employers Need to Know

is my business a hostile work environment

Harassment in the workplace has risen to the forefront in the media, and employers are (rightfully) concerned about how to protect their employees and businesses from workplace harassment claims. Employers want to know what exactly harassment is and how to prevent it. Some employees may complain of conduct that meets the common-sense definition of harassment,…

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3 Business Audits You Need to Do

Business Audits to Protect Company

Now that tax season is coming to a close, it may be tempting to take a pause from policy and document review, but before taking a break, there are 3 business audits you need to do this quarter (hint: not tax-related). Process and policy audits are ways to continue to protect your growing business. Likely,…

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