Driving Under Suspension in South Carolina

Driving under suspension (DUS) is a serious traffic offense and never should be taken lightly. It can have a significant consequence to not only your driving privileges but also could result in the loss of your freedom.

If you receive a driving under suspension citation, you should consult a South Carolina traffic attorney as soon as you can to determine why there’s a suspension and what options might be available to you. If we determine that we can help clear up the suspension, we will discuss the process with you and work to get the suspension cleared.

Consequences of Driving Under a Suspended License

  • First offense: a fine of $300 plus court costs and a jail sentence of up to 30 days. Most first-time offenders can avoid the jail sentence, especially if they are willing and able to pay the fine. 
  • Second offense: a $600 fine and between 60 days and 6 months in jail.
  • Third offense: a $1000 fine and a jail sentence between 6 months and 3 years.

Why You Should Let An Attorney Handle Your Case

If you plead guilty to driving under a suspended license, the suspension you were under will be extended by the South Carolina DMV. 

  • If your license was suspended because you failed to pay a fine (meaning the suspension would be cleared if you paid the fine and reinstatement fee) then your additional suspension would be 30 days. 
  • If you were suspended for a specific time period, then a conviction of DUS will result in a matching suspension by the SC DMV. For example, if you were suspended for 3 months and you are convicted of DUS, you will be suspended an additional 3 months

An attorney will work to make sure you do not receive any further license suspension.

After Your Suspension Ends

Once your suspension ends, your license does not become automatically active. You will need to pay reinstatements fees with the SC DMV and you likely will have to obtain SR-22 insurance. This insurance is for “high risk” drivers and is more expensive.

Being charged and convicted of DUS can be the start of a dangerous track for anyone. Once you receive one, and the suspensions begin to build up, and you could be looking at extensive suspension periods. 

Contacting an attorney as soon as you are charged could change that fortune. We can work to get your suspensions cleared up, minimize the impact or any new suspension issues, and hopefully get you active as soon as we can.