Custody and Summer Break in North Carolina

summer custody

Temperatures outside are heating up and kids are getting antsy, which can only mean one thing: it’s almost time for summer break. While most people associate summer break with easygoing days and fun in the sun, if you have a joint custody agreement, summer can create a lot of confusion. How do you split parenting…

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Answering Your Questions About Custody and Health Concerns

custody and health concerns

Navigating custody agreements at any time can be difficult and confusing. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and complicated many aspects of our daily lives and brought to light many issues you may experience when sharing custody of your child.  We often get questions from clients who are confused as to what their rights are regarding…

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5 Things To Avoid During Your Pending Custody Claim

custody claim

Child custody is a sensitive and emotional matter. If you are going through separation or divorce and there is a dispute about the best interests of the child/children, the first step may be co-parenting classes or mediation. However, if an agreement can still not be reached, the Court will step in and make a determination…

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3 Things You Need To Know About Custody in NC

custody in nc

During a divorce, the topic of child custody is sensitive and emotional for many parents. If you are going through separation or divorce and are able to agree on how you and your spouse will co-parent, you do not have to file a custody order with the Court.  However, if there is a disagreement between…

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Podcast: Child Custody and Visitation in North Carolina

Missy Foard on NC Divorce Info podcast for Child Custody in NC

Child custody and visitation cases in North Carolina can be quite complicated. There are several questions we hear from Family Law clients in Charlotte around these topics. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, and they were also addressed in Missy’s recent guest appearance on the NC Divorce Info podcast. Before there is…

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Stepparent Custody Rights in North Carolina

Stepparent Custody Rights in NC

Oftentimes, stepparents and stepchildren have a close relationship in which the stepparent acts as a parent and participates equally with the natural parent in the financial and emotional support, guidance, and decision making regarding the stepchildren. So what happens if the stepparent and natural parent divorce? Does the stepparent have a right to ask for…

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