How to Stay Safe on the Roads This Thanksgiving

personal injury

As the 2022 Thanksgiving holiday approaches, North Carolina roads will once again be packed with holiday travelers. Thanksgiving travel is expected to reach pre-pandemic levels, with AAA predicting that around 1.5 million North Carolinians will travel at least 50 miles for the holiday and 89% of those Thanksgiving travelers will be driving. Tips for staying…

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Types of Fraud in South Carolina

fraud in south carolina

Fraud is a matter that’s taken very seriously in South Carolina. Depending on the type, fraud charges can result in a felony conviction at either the state or federal level, and the most serious charges can carry jail time or heavy fines. WHAT IS FRAUD? Fraud is a deliberate act, or failure to act, to…

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Decoding Your Insurance Declarations Page

insurance declarations

Knowing what your insurance covers in case of an accident or emergency is imperative, but deciphering an insurance policy can be tricky. Clients often admit to us that they’re not sure exactly what coverage they’re paying for, how that coverage affects their claims, or even what to look for when looking at their policy.   Luckily,…

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Professional Negligence Claims Against North Carolina Realtors

professional negligence

The current Charlotte real estate market is seeing a boom, unaffected by the pandemic. The demand for homes is high, as of November 2021, and the inventory of available homes is low. Charlotte is also seeing an influx of new residents moving in from more expensive cities in California and New York. Because of this…

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Types of Property Disputes

property disputes

Property disputes are a common occurrence in North Carolina. When multiple people have an interest or involvement in a single piece of property, disagreements are bound to happen. While property disputes can remain small and civil, sometimes tempers flare and these disagreements quickly turn into a legal matter. Knowledge is always one of the most…

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What You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency and Divorce

cryptocurrency and divorce

Are you worried that your spouse might be hiding assets or income? Gone are the days of hiding money under the mattress. The new method to squirrel away the assets: Cryptocurrency.  During a divorce, dividing the property between the parties can be a difficult process. Property is not limited to real estate or permanent fixtures;…

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10 Years of Law, Lessons, and Leadership

seiferflatow 10 year

The law firm of SeiferFlatow is celebrating 10 years of client advocacy in Charlotte. On April 21, 2011, we opened our doors as a partnership committed to treating each client as more than a case number. We had both experienced the giant legal machines and broke away to serve people differently. Of course we had…

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Can I Use The Myers-Briggs Personality Test When Hiring?

Can I Use The Myers-Briggs Personality Test When Hiring?

This is a student guest post from Landen P. Fulton. Landen is a Charlotte native and currently an undergraduate student studying philosophy and economics at Virginia Tech. His future plans include pursuing a career in law and continuing to examine ethics.  Personality tests have become increasingly popular since the twentieth century, with the Myers-Briggs Personality…

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Clients Ask: Do I have to wear a mask in public places?

wearing a mask in public nc

One common question, now that North Carolina has begun their phased reopening, is “Do I have to wear a mask while in public?” Update: Executive Order 147, effective June 26, 2020 Governor Cooper has signed Executive Order 147, which extends Phase 2 of reopening NC for three more weeks, as well as makes wearing face…

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Updates to NC Laws During COVID-19

updates to NC laws during covid-19

The North Carolina General Assembly recently passed a COVID-19 relief bill, which was then signed by Governor Cooper. Included in this bill was nearly $1.6 billion in relief for public health and safety, educational needs, small business assistance, and continuing state government operations.  Following the passage of those monetary relief measures, the General Assembly also…

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