How can the Traffic Education Program get my South Carolina ticket dismissed?

One of the first questions we often get as defense attorneys is, “how do I get this ticket dropped?” While not all tickets are able to be dropped or dismissed, most of the tickets we handle at SeiferFlatow are able to be reduced. 

traffic education program

If you do not meet the guidelines for dismissal, or we believe this is your best bet for avoiding fines, license points, license suspension, or increased insurance rates, we may recommend you go through the Traffic Education Program, or TEP, to get your ticket dismissed.

The Traffic Education Program

TEP is a great tool to keep a clean driving record and a way for the State to continue to provide education about safe driving on the road. 

To be eligible for TEP you must fit the following criteria:

  • No prior significant driving record (In Any State)
  • Tickets carrying a (4) point or less violation (Combined)
  • Clients can only participate in TEP ONCE
  • Prior PTI and AEP clients ARE eligible.
  • CDL Licensed Drivers ARE NOT eligible for TEP Participation.

TEP is only available to those traffic citations that carry a maximum of 4 license points. If you have several charges with one citation, the total still needs to be under 4 points to receive the full benefit of dismissing all charges.  

The biggest requirement for TEP is you can only participate once. Because of this, it is very important to consult an attorney to decide whether or not to use it on a specific charge. 

CDL drivers are ineligible for TEP, so it is crucial to consult an experienced attorney to work on reductions or produce some other deal to fully protect the CDL. 

TEP is handled by the county, and each county runs theirs differently. When consulting with us, we will advise you on who you will be working with to complete the TEP. It is incredibly important, if this is the option you choose, that you finish it. The benefit of getting a dismissal is crucial to your license and insurance future. 

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