Things That Make Arc Bark: Unreviewed Employment Agreements

employment agreement

In her 24 years as an aggressive advocate and skilled litigator, Arcangela Mazzariello, partner at SeiferFlatow and head of the litigation department, has encountered many unfortunate situations that could have been avoided if her clients had been more aware of their rights. In the “Things That Make Arc Bark” blog series, Arc offers solid advice…

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Spring Cleaning for Your Business

spring cleaning for your business

Often the day-to-day business management tasks keep our focus and time in such tight attention that we are unable to get to other, big-picture items that also require care. In the rare instances when we find blocks of free time, it can be helpful to have a prepared list of items to tackle. Our business…

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How Do I Protect My Investment in My Employees?

business law

Have you started your own business and realize you need to start hiring employees but worried about protecting your company? Here are a few options you have in making sure you are looking out for yourself and for the company, while also working to protect your investment in your employees. Non-Compete Agreement A non-compete agreement…

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I’m Hiring a New Salesperson, Do I Need a Non-Compete?


Non-competes, also known as “covenants not to compete,” are restrictive covenants found in some employment agreements. A non-compete is an agreement between the employer and employee that restricts the employee’s right to compete with the employer for a set period of time after employment ends. Employers opt for non-competes most often in situations where they…

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