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Divorce & Family Law in NC

We at SeiferFlatow handle all aspects of Absolute Divorce in NC including:

Child Custody involves two main categories: Legal Custody and Physical Custody.  Legal Custody gives one or both parents the right to make legal decisions for the child.  These decisions involve education, health care, religion, and the child’s general welfare.  Physical Custody relates to where the child resides.

Your kids’ well-being during the divorce process is likely atop the list of your concerns.  A number of factors come into play when it comes to child custody.  If you are considering separation or divorce, it is best to consult with a professional you can trust. Your children’s well-being and your ability to care for their needs is incredibly important.

Post-separation support is money paid from one spouse to another from the time of separation until either the date specified in the post separation support order, or an order awarding or denying alimony. In order to be awarded post separation support, the party asking for it must show:

(1) the parties were lawfully married;

(2) the party seeking post separation support is dependent upon his or her spouse for support;

(3) the party from whom post separation support is sought is a supporting spouse;

(4) the party seeking post separation support cannot meet his or her financial needs; and

(5) the supporting spouse has the ability to pay post separation support.

Also known as Equitable Distribution (or ED for short) - this is the process the court uses to divide assets at the end of a marriage. In an action for ED, the Court must first classify property as either marital, separate, or divisible.

Once the Court divides the property into one of the above categories, the court will typically divide the marital and divisible property equally unless they find that an unequal distribution is necessary. The separate property will stay in the possession of whatever party owns it.

From Our Family Law Clients

"Jamie and Missy kept me informed every step of the way with my divorce case. I couldn't have done this process on my own."

- Ethan, Google Review

Missy Foard, Partner
Jamie Filliben

About Missy Foard

Missy’s mission is to help individuals navigate through these highly bureaucratic systems while providing superior client service and advocacy.

Read more about Missy and how she helps her family law clients in North Carolina.

About Jamie Filliben

As a trained trial attorney, Jamie is no stranger to the courtroom, and zealously defends his clients as they face some of the most challenging decisions and obstacles of their lives. He knows each case is unique and presents its own special challenges. Jamie’s solution-oriented approach makes those special challenges easier to face.

Read more about Jamie and how he helps his family law clients in North Carolina.

At SeiferFlatow, we have the knowledge and confidence necessary to handle the complex personal and legal issues that affect your family life. With aggressive, yet compassionate advocacy, our Family Law practice focuses on the individual needs of our clients and providing them with the knowledge, tools, and understanding needed to navigate the complicated issues that may arise during the legal process.

Serving Mecklenburg County and clients throughout the region (including Gaston, Cabarrus, and Union Counties), SeiferFlatow’s attorneys solve problems and pursue the best possible results for our clients. Family Law is personal. It is your life, your home, your finances, your children, and your future.

When choosing your attorney, you need the right person who understands the personal and legal challenges that you face. Trust the attorneys at SeiferFlatow to provide you with the counsel and confidence to make the decisions necessary to move forward in your life and achieve your family goals.

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We can walk you through the system and the legal requirements and rights you have as a parent.

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