The Hidden Costs of Handling Your Traffic Court Case on Your Own

north carolina traffic law

When it comes time to stand before a judge in traffic court, you may be tempted to represent yourself, thinking it’s a minor infraction you can handle on your own. Representing yourself in traffic court may seem like a cost-effective option at first glance, however, many people don’t realize that the hidden costs of not…

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How Can I get Attorney Fees in my Divorce Case?


After you’ve decided to move forward with a legal separation then divorce, fighting for your rights in family law cases can be expensive. Many attorneys charge an hourly fee, which can add up quickly. If you’re wondering if there is a way to have your spouse pay some of your attorney fee costs, the answer is “maybe.”

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I am out of work and money’s tight. How do I pay for an attorney?

attorney workers' compensation

If you’re injured and you can’t work, you probably don’t have a lot of excess cash lying around. You need to file a workers’ compensation claim, but an attorney is expensive. How can you afford a lawyer when you’re not working? Pro Bono Insurance companies have fleets of experienced attorneys and the cash to pay…

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Should I try to handle my claim on my own or should I hire an attorney?

hire an attorney

Personal injury lawyers are paid a percentage of the recovery they obtain for you. It may appear at first glance that you can maximize your recovery by handling your claim on your own without having to pay a lawyer. You know that you’ve been wronged; why bother with the expense of an attorney? However, letting…

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How much will it cost for an accident attorney to represent me?

cost of an attorney

Most personal injury attorneys charge a “contingency fee.” That means their fee depends on the amount they recover for you. A typical contingency fee is one-third of the recovery amount or slightly more than one-third if your attorney has to file a lawsuit rather than just negotiate a settlement. The contingent fee structure gives your…

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