Alimony is payment for the support and maintenance of a spouse to be paid in a lump sum or on a continuing basis that is granted in the divorce decree or in a judgment from a separate alimony action. In order to receive alimony, the spouse seeking the alimony must prove: 1) that the spouse seeking the alimony is actually and substantially dependent on the other spouse for maintenance and support; and 2) that an award of alimony is fair considering all relevant factors, including marital misconduct.


On the other hand, post separation support is money paid from one spouse to another from the time of separation until either the date specified in the post separation support order, or an order awarding or denying alimony. In order to be awarded post separation support, the party asking for it must show:

(1) the parties were lawfully married;

(2) the party seeking post separation support is dependent upon his or her spouse for support;

(3) the party from whom post separation support is sought is a supporting spouse;

(4) the party seeking post separation support cannot meet his or her financial needs; and

(5) the supporting spouse has the ability to pay post separation support.


An alimony award can have a significant impact on your financial situation from the time the petition for divorce is filed until long after a final divorce decree has been entered. In order to make sure your rights to alimony are protected you should make sure to speak with a professional you can trust. The attorneys at SeiferFlatow can skillfully help you with your alimony issue and make sure that you get what you are entitled to. Call SeiferFlatow today at 704-512-0606 to schedule a consultation.


Post separation support is an important type of financial support that allows you to retain a position that is as close as possible to your standard of living during your marriage. This support can be very helpful in the stressful situation that divorce causes. In order to make sure you get what you deserve and that your rights are protected, call the knowledgeable attorneys at SeiferFlatow at 704-512-0606 today and schedule a consultation.

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