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Alienation of Affection in North Carolina

You’ve just found out your spouse cheated on you while you were married. What’s your next step? While most states have done away with this common law tort, North Carolina is one of the few states that still recognizes alienation of affection and other heart balm actions. Alienation of Affection allows a spouse to sue…

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What to Expect During an Initial Family Law Consultation in Charlotte

During a time you’re likely feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it can be helpful and reassuring to know what your next step is. That’s the goal of our initial family law consultation in Charlotte. This consultation time begins your family law case. During this time, you will get the opportunity to meet with the attorney, as well as…

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What’s Next After Your Initial Family Law Consultation?

After your initial family law consultation with the team, you might find yourself thinking What’s Next? At your initial consult, we will go over your case and talk about a case plan and you will be given homework. Managing Emotions After Your First Consultation The initial consult can be understandably overwhelming for a new client. In…

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How Growing Up in a German-American Home Impacts My Practice of Law

How Growing Up in a German-American Home Impacts My Practice of Law

For the English version, scroll down. Ich bin eine Amerikanerin der zweiten Generation. Meine Mutter und mein Vater haben sich in 1974 in einem Kibbuz in der Nähe von Jerusalem getroffen. Ein Kibbuz ist eine Siedlung, die einen gemeinsamen Lebensstil in Israel fördert. Meine Mutter war in Israel um für ihre Dissertation über die Erziehung…

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Can My Spouse Look Though My Phone/Computer/etc?

Movies, books, and TV shows often portray a glamorous, or at least normalized, view of spying on one’s spouse – using listening devices, installing spy software, going through a spouse’s phone or computer, hacking email, etc. often seem to be the first step someone takes when suspicious of spousal activities. This portrayal may leave you…

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Heart Balm Actions in North Carolina Divorces

Heart Balm in North Carolina Divorce

Alienation of Affection and Criminal Conversation are civil claims that can be filed in North Carolina and a limited number of other states.  Otherwise known as “heart balm” actions, these claims are often filed together against a third party actor, who engages in conduct that jeopardizes the marital unit.   These claims have come under…

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Stepparent Custody Rights in North Carolina

Stepparent Custody Rights in NC

Oftentimes, stepparents and stepchildren have a close relationship in which the stepparent acts as a parent and participates equally with the natural parent in the financial and emotional support, guidance, and decision making regarding the stepchildren. So what happens if the stepparent and natural parent divorce? Does the stepparent have a right to ask for…

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