Spring Cleaning for Your Business

spring cleaning for your business

Often the day-to-day business management tasks keep our focus and time in such tight attention that we are unable to get to other, big-picture items that also require care. In the rare instances when we find blocks of free time, it can be helpful to have a prepared list of items to tackle. Our business…

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Cell Phone Privacy Rights: Who Can Get Access to My Cell Phone?

cell phone privacy rights

Privacy rights for digital devices is still a largely unsettled and a relatively new issue today. UC-Davis Law Professor Elizabeth Joh says, “There’s still no good set of protections for a portal into your private life.” However there have been a couple of notable rulings that focused on whether or not police are permitted to…

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Tom Brady and Cell Phone Privacy In The Workplace

cell phone privacy in the workplace

Brady’s cell phone problem illustrates the complicated issues surrounding cell phone privacy in the workplace. In recent days, the New England Patriots “deflate-gate” story has shifted from being about the air pressure in footballs to being about the destruction of Tom Brady’s cell phone. For people who are unaware of the situation, The New England…

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