Highly-Qualified, Experienced Business & Civil Litigation Attorneys in North Carolina

SeiferFlatow’s litigation team represents clients across the country before state and federal courts in suits involving, among other things, breach of contract, non-competition injunctive relief, First Amendment actions, defamation, unfair and deceptive trade practice, and many other commercial matters.

SeiferFlatow attorneys have successfully defended consumer class action cases and are adept at pursuing alternative dispute resolution options, such as arbitration and mediation.

In addition, our attorneys assist clients in policing their intellectual property, including the drafting and disseminating of cease and desist and takedown notices for infringement and other causes of action. 

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About Our Business & Civil Litigation Practice

Our commercial clients include small business owners, large multi-state conglomerates, manufacturers, professional service providers, private equity groups, and developers. We also represent employees in wrongful termination and other civil litigation matters.

We work with clients on situations involving:

  • Corporate governance,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Owner transitions,
  • Contract disputes,
  • Cyberbullying,
  • EEOC claims,
  • Broker or Insurance disputes,
  • Intellectual property rights,
  • Professional liability,
  • Embezzlement,
  • Personal Injury,
  • Wrongful Termination, and
  • White-Collar Crime.

We can also help with both upholding and attacking restrictive covenants, such as non-compete provisions, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-solicitation agreements, for our clients.

Mathew Flatow, Partner

Proven Results & Skilled Advocacy

If you are facing a commercial dispute that affects your bottom line, you are urged to contact a commercial litigation attorney at once to get effective legal help with your case. Our litigation lawyers are dedicated to providing the most efficient legal representation possible and persistent in our efforts to do so. 

Our aggressive approach to helping our clients settle disputes in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible has proven successful time and again. Our litigation team, led by experienced attorney Arcangela Mazzariello aims to resolve each case sensibly and in the least protracted way possible. 

Unparalleled Tenacity

We are always, however, prepared to fight cases aggressively in court when needed, no matter how large the adversary is. No matter who you are or what your needs may be, you are more than a number at our firm. We are passionate about what we do and will focus on solving your legal issue and help you prosper in this economy.

We devote the time and energy necessary to investigate every aspect of our client's case and build a strong case that will hold up in court. It's why we are the last stop for frustrated people who have been turned away by other firms for a case that's too complex, time-consuming, or lengthy.

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  • Nondisclosure Agreements
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  • Employment Issues

SeiferFlatow is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our litigation attorneys are licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina.




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A Few Our Representative Cases

Although each case is given individual attention and the unique approach it requires, here are a few recent representative litigation cases our firm has handled.

  • Rhyne v Mart Corporation Our client was falsely accused of shoplifting and physically assaulted by security guards, resulting in warrants sworn against our client. We defended our client against the criminal charges and got them dismissed. We pursued civil lawsuit as remedy for malicious prosecution, abuse of process, and emotional distress. Once the jury found K-Mart responsible, we then tried the case for damages. When the corporation expressed no remorse and stated they would not change the actions if the situation occurred again, the jury awarded our client $23 million.  The trial lasted 5 weeks and went to the court of appeals challenging the punitive damages cap.  This case has since been cited and studied and referenced in recent punitive damages cases.

  • Cowell v Gaston County Our client secured a mortgage to build a home. The general contractor failed the first inspection- the foundation. Rather than curing the defect and calling for re-inspection, the contractor proceeded with the build. The bank kept approving the loan increments, and the county kept passing all other inspections.  When the house was finally finished, it would not pass its final inspection and the client could not get a certificate of occupancy, leaving them with a house (and a mortgage) that they could not live in. It took 2 trips to the Court of Appeals, 3 attempts to pick a jury, and almost 6 years before a jury sided with our client.  The trial itself took 2 weeks.

  • Varney v Novant Wrongful termination case against a major medical corporation, resulting in a settlement agreeable to our client.

We also have these representative Litigation cases:

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