Equitable Distribution (or ED for short) is the process the court uses to divide assets at the end of a marriage. In an action for ED, the Court must first classify property as either marital, separate, or divisible.

Once the Court divides the property into one of the above categories, the court will typically divide the marital and divisible property equally unless they find that an unequal distribution is necessary. The separate property will stay in the possession of whatever party owns it.

Equitable distribution is a very complex process that requires the skill of a knowledgeable attorney to untangle. In order to make sure your assets are protected in a divorce or separation, you need to consult an attorney that understands the process.

If you are going through a separation or divorce, it is best to consult a professional you can trust. You’ve worked hard to earn the life you’ve built, so call the law firm of SeiferFlatow today at 704-512-0606 and set up a consultation so we can help you protect yourself.

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missy foard

Missy Foard

Partner - Head of Family Law

Missy’s mission is to help individuals navigate through these highly bureaucratic systems while providing superior client service and advocacy. Read more about Missy and how she helps her family law clients in NC.

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Izzy Vaughan-Jones

Associate Attorney

Izzy joined the SeiferFlatow Team in 2021 to assist Family Law and Civil Litigation clients. She is focused on helping counsel and advise people through challenging situations involving divorce, custody, and family law. Learn more about Izzy. 

Nina Moulas

Nina Moulas

Associate Attorney

Nina has focused her practice on assisting clients with family law matters including separation, divorce, and child custody.  She recognizes the importance of truly listening to clients and helping them navigate through a challenging time. 

brandi dehart

Brandi DeHart


Brandi is often the first point of contact when someone needs information about starting the divorce process, how to handle a child custody situation, what their next steps should be in the separation process, and more.

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"Attorney Missy Foard is an extremely effective lawyer with high professional standards. During my divorce, she was knowledgeable, organized, and very responsive. Brandi, her paralegal, is also awesome. The attentiveness to detail and the care they give clients is exceptional."

—  Connie
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"Jamie and Missy kept me informed every step of the way with my divorce case. I couldn't have done this process on my own."

—  Ethan
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"I've only had a consultation about a custody case, thus far, with Missy Foard and I can promise you she is an amazing woman. She's knowledgeable, professional, kind, funny, and affable. Words cannot express how hopeful and elated I felt leaving our meeting. It meant the world to me. I would and will recommend anyone to this law firm. Thank you so much, Missy."

—  Jaleesa
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