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Equitable Distribution (or ED for short) is the process the court uses to divide assets at the end of a marriage. In an action for ED, the Court must first classify property as either marital, separate, or divisible.


Once the Court divides the property into one of the above categories, the court will typically divide the marital and divisible property equally unless they find that an unequal distribution is necessary. The separate property will stay in the possession of whatever party owns it.


Equitable distribution is a very complex process that requires the skill of a knowledgeable attorney to untangle. In order to make sure your assets are protected in a divorce or separation you need to consult an attorney that understands the process. If you are going through a separation or divorce, it is best to consult a professional you can trust. You’ve worked hard to earn the life you’ve built, so call the law firm of SeiferFlatow today at 704-512-0606 and set up a consultation so we can help you protect yourself.


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