Workplace Harassment Claims- What Employers Need to Know

is my business a hostile work environment

Harassment in the workplace has risen to the forefront in the media, and employers are (rightfully) concerned about how to protect their employees and businesses from workplace harassment claims. Employers want to know what exactly harassment is and how to prevent it. Some employees may complain of conduct that meets the common-sense definition of harassment,…

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My boss is harassing me. I’ve gone to HR, but it isn’t getting better. Should I quit?

my boss is harassing me

No, you should not quit your job because you may be giving up a potential legal remedy against your employer. Before you decide to quit your job, you should consult with an experienced employment law attorney to discuss your particular situation and find the most desirable course of action to take. Am I really being…

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Sexual Harassment in North Carolina

sexual harassment in north carolina

More than half of all workers have experienced sexual harassment. While the majority (about 80%) are women, both men and women can be victimized by unwanted sexual attention in the workplace. Sexual harassment runs a continuum from periodic comments to daily campaigns of victimization. Serious sexual harassment undermines workplace productivity, harms victims and bystanders, and…

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