I’m Hiring a New Salesperson, Do I Need a Non-Compete?


Non-competes, also known as “covenants not to compete,” are restrictive covenants found in some employment agreements. A non-compete is an agreement between the employer and employee that restricts the employee’s right to compete with the employer for a set period of time after employment ends. Employers opt for non-competes most often in situations where they…

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Starting your own business in North Carolina

starting your own business in north carolina

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of starting your own company, or you’re already earning a little money from a hobby and want to turn it into a business.  Perhaps you’re just fed up with working for someone else and want to be your own boss.  Whatever your motivation, you want to start your own business in…

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Mathew Answers Your Employment Law Questions

mathew answers employment law workers' compensation

Mathew Flatow, founding partner at SeiferFlatow in Charlotte, NC, is an experienced employment law and workers’ compensation attorney who has helped many in North Carolina residents with their employment and workers’ compensation cases. In addition to his hard work in and out of the courtroom, Mathew often takes the time to answer questions on Avvo,…

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Hiring New Employees: Protecting AND Growing Your Business

hiring new employees

After a grueling search over resumes, countless interviews, and internal discussion you finally landed the perfect new addition to your company.  There is not a better feeling than finding that new addition who you feel will work wonders for the business. Now that you have the best person and they have accepted your offer, it’s…

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Are independent contractors worth the hype?

independent contractor

If you have started your own business or you already run a small business by yourself and you want to bring on help, you may think hiring independent contractors are the way to go. You may have heard that independent contractors are better for small businesses than hiring full- or part-time employees, but before making…

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An employee filed a claim against me with the EEOC. What do I do?

employment discrimination charge

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) is the federal agency responsible for investigating and prosecuting claims of discrimination in the workplace.  Employees who feel they have been discriminated against have 180 days from the date of the alleged discriminatory act to file a charge with the EEOC.  Within 10 days of receiving the charge, the…

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What is a fair workers’ compensation settlement?

workers' compensation

Whether you work in an industrial, office, or retail setting, there is always going to be the possibility that you are injured on the job. Workplace accidents can take on many different forms, ranging from slip and falls, injuries caused by falling materials, overexertion, exposure to harmful chemicals, injuries resulting from workplace conditions and practices,…

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Protections Available for a Whistleblower

Protections Available for a Whistleblower

In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked confidential information about the illegal surveillance of the NSA. In 1996, Erin Brockovich earned notoriety through her efforts to spotlight the corporate corruption of an energy company. Watergate, the scandal that crippled the Nixon administration, was led by Mark Felt. Whistleblower cases often have large impacts but start with a…

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How NC House Bill 2 Affects Employees & Businesses

NC House Bill 2

You might have noticed one of the topics taking over your social feed this week has been the #WeAreNotThis hashtag. And, while many are using this trend to discuss the implications this has for the transgender population (as reported by the Charlotte Observer), there are also broader implications from North Carolina House Bill 2 that have serious legal implications…

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4 Tips to Avoid Heartbreak (& Harassment Lawsuits) in Office Romances

harassment lawsuits

With Valentine’s Day nearing, it’s an important time to look at how office romances are handled in your office. Romances in the office come with many risks and complications, especially if/when they end. Employers must be careful to not allow, or be a party to sexual harassment, violate employee privacy, or create a hostile environment. …

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