Landlord-Tenant Laws in North Carolina

Landlord-Tenant Laws

North Carolina law mandates that your landlord keep your housing fit and safe to live in. NC law also says the tenant must pay rent, keep the home clean, and not do any damage to the home. In order for the law to work, the tenant and the landlord must both do their part. These…

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Professional Negligence Claims Against North Carolina Realtors

professional negligence

The current Charlotte real estate market is seeing a boom, unaffected by the pandemic. The demand for homes is high, as of November 2021, and the inventory of available homes is low. Charlotte is also seeing an influx of new residents moving in from more expensive cities in California and New York. Because of this…

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Types of Property Disputes

property disputes

Property disputes are a common occurrence in North Carolina. When multiple people have an interest or involvement in a single piece of property, disagreements are bound to happen. While property disputes can remain small and civil, sometimes tempers flare and these disagreements quickly turn into a legal matter. Knowledge is always one of the most…

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