North Carolina Workers’ Compensation: 3 Steps to Take If You’ve Been Injured on the Job

Workplace accidents can happen to any person at any time on the job, even to telecommuting employees. Those with valid workers’ compensation claims are entitled to medical care and two-thirds of lost wages from being out of work. Those with permanent injuries are also entitled to compensation, and, if necessary, your next of kin or spouse may be entitled to death benefits. At the end of your case, you may even be entitled to a lump sum settlement.

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You are eligible for North Carolina workers’ compensation under these three basic circumstances:

  1. Injury By Accident – An incident where someone’s regular work routine is interrupted by an unusual circumstance.
  2. Specific Traumatic Injury – When an employee sustains an injury, like back or neck pain, during a specific incident which may not have been an accident.
  3. Occupational Disease – Where a condition of employment involved an increased risk of contracting a disease than the public generally.

If you have experienced any of these circumstances, here are your next steps:

Report your injury.

After you are injured, you must immediately see your employer’s on-site health care provider or go to your designated doctor’s office, family doctor, or emergency room. It is very important that you report your work injury to your employer verbally and in writing within 30 days of the incident.

Your healthcare provider should also be aware of the incident that led to the injury. Be clear with them that your injury was related to your work, and let them know the name of your employer so that they are able to bill any treatment you receive as a workers’ compensation claim.

Be sure to follow your physician’s instructions for medical treatment so that you are able to recover as much as possible from your injury.

File the correct forms.

The information you need regarding the workers’ compensation carrier for your employer can be obtained from the Industrial Commission by filing a Form 18, which asserts a claim against your employer, or by having your employer report your injury by filing a Form 19. An attorney that is well-versed in North Carolina workers’ compensation law can assist you.

Contact an attorney.

If you have been injured on the job, contact our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys as soon as possible. We will be able to ensure that you are following the right steps in order to receive the necessary health care and treatment so that you can recover from your injury, and so that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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