9 Videos to Watch if You’ve Been Injured at Work

Workers’ compensation claims and cases can be complicated. By their individual nature, each case must be evaluated on its own merits. However, there are many common components, frequently asked questions, and case standards that will help you gain a better understanding of the next steps you need to take after being injured at work. We’ve compiled nine of our workers’ compensation videos to help you through this challenging time. When you’re ready, whether you watch one, nine, or none of the videos, we will be here to help you navigate through this time and help you to focus on getting back on your feet and returning to your job after receiving the compensation you deserve.

workers' compensation

  1. What compensation are injured employees entitled to under North Carolina workers compensation law?
  2. I am out of work and money is tight, how do I pay for an attorney?
  3. The insurance company is paying for my injury, why should I get an attorney?
  4. My employer wants me to return to work but my doctor has given me restrictions. What should I do?
  5. I got hurt at work, do I qualify for workers’ compensation?
  6. I got injured at work and don’t know what to do next. Can you help?
  7. I feel like my company is trying to get me to leave after my injury. What can I do?
  8. Workers’ Compensation in NC – FAQ (as featured on local news)
  9. Help from an experienced Charlotte Workers’ Compensation attorney