What happens if I receive a Failure to Appear?

In Charlotte, missing your court date, even by accident, can have serious consequences. Failing to show up for DWI, felony drug, or domestic violence charges can result in an Order for Arrest being issued. Failing to show up to your court date for a traffic citation can result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Failure to Appear, Explained

If you do not appear in court on the day you are required to be there, your case will be marked “called and failed.” After 20 days, a Failure to Appear (FTA) order will be issued against you, plus an additional failure to appear fee may be issued if you are found guilty or responsible for the offense. 

If you still have not appeared in court to answer the charge 20 days after the FTA was issued, the court will notify the DMV, who will suspend your driver’s license indefinitely until the case is resolved. In some cases, an FTA can result in an order for your arrest. If you were arrested and released on bond, an FTA can cause you to lose the bond.

FTAs during COVID-19

Even in ordinary circumstances, the legal system is confusing and complicated to navigate. The COVID-19 pandemic made it more difficult. Whether or not courts are holding sessions is now subject to change frequently, based on the current community spread situation for the county. 

Having legal counsel with access to the practical operations of the courts is ideal, especially during a time when emergency closings and exposure protocols leave many court dates up in the air. 

If you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges in Charlotte, our experienced criminal defense team will help you with your case, keeping you in close communication as court dates change, adjustments need to be made, or arrangements are set.

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No matter what charges you are facing, it is essential to enlist the aid of a capable Charlotte criminal defense attorney given the massive resources that both the State of North Carolina and the prosecution will have at their discretion. 

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