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Ed began his law career as a criminal, traffic, and DWI attorney and now assists clients with legal matters involving civil litigation, business formation, and personal injury. Ed primarily works in criminal district courts around the state. He has worked in countless courtrooms, worked with countless Assistant District Attorneys, and appeared before countless Judges. As a criminal defense lawyer, he has protected people's drivers' licenses, protected their livelihoods, and kept many out of jail. 

Ed understands that the legal profession is not only about the law but also about the relationships built with other attorneys. That does not mean just with the district attorney's office but also with the defense bars across the state. Attorneys need to work with one another. Of course, his profession is adversarial, but on plenty of occasions, he has been able to get his client the best results or better-than-expected results because of his willingness to work with other attorneys.

Over the years, Ed's areas of practice have grown to include many different legal areas. He is constantly learning different areas of law to better help his current and future clients with their legal needs. He always strives to answer his client's questions and point them in the right direction.

Ed Martin

Not only is Ed licensed in North Carolina, but he is also licensed in South Carolina. In South Carolina, he will continue to represent SeiferFlatow and help clients with traffic, criminal law, DUI issues, and the other practice areas. He is eager to continue to grow and help more clients navigate the North and South Carolina legal systems.

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"Good communication builds trust. To be the best defense attorney you need to be able to communicate with your clients. Being clear with your client is the best tool you can have. You have to be able to describe to your client what is going on without using legal language. You have to make it make sense to them. I pride myself on explaining things to my clients, answering any questions that they have, and being there for them."

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I represented a client charged with assault on a female. The client saw that warrant and contacted me. Our client informed me that they had no idea who the woman was and that they were sleeping at the time of the incident. The warrant forced my client to turn himself in and get processed through the county jail. Upon leaving the jail, my client sent me the documentation which showed a different picture on record for my client. My client, who was never previously arrested, somehow had a picture of an unknown man attached to his file.

After some research, I found that another man with the same name as my client had an extensive arrest record. The system saw my client accused of a crime he didn't commit. I went to court a few times to discuss the incident with law enforcement - no law enforcement officer saw the incident.

Finally, the victim's mother showed up for court. The Assistant District Attorney offered my client a plea to the charge. Recognizing that that was no offer at all I pushed back and asked for a trial. I spoke with the ADA at a break discussing what had happened in his court system. The ADA was hesitant and frankly unconvinced of the situation.

The ADA brought up the victim's mother who looked at the picture of the known man and said that was the defendant. She also alerted us that the man in the photo was in jail. Meanwhile, my client was sitting in the audience with his mother.

The ADA recognized that the case was flawed and agreed to dismiss the charges. My client left with a dismissal, and an automatic expungement because of the mistaken identity occurrence. 

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After growing up in New Jersey and graduating from Monmouth University with his undergraduate BA in 2013, Ed moved south to pursue his Juris Doctor at Charlotte School of Law, graduating in 2016. Joining SeiferFlatow in 2017 has allowed Ed to broaden his horizons as well as help expand the practice into South Carolina.

Ed was admitted to the state of South Carolina Bar in 2020, accompanying his admittance to the state of North Carolina Bar and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina.

Ed's education includes:

J.D., Charlotte School of Law

B.A., Monmouth University

Getting Personal

Ed grew up in New Jersey and was a standout baseball player. He played in Junior College where he played in the JUCO College World Series. After his two seasons there, he went on to play D1 baseball at Monmouth University.

Ed is an avid sports fan, and he tries to catch every Mets, Jets, and Manchester City game he can. Not only is he a fan, but he also plays several intramural sports including Flag football, softball, and basketball. Ed also likes to check out new breweries and restaurants with his wife.

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Words from clients

"It's always a wonderful feeling knowing you are represented by a superb legal team that will keep your best interests at heart and strive for the most favorable outcome!! Thanks Ed and the entire SeiferFlatow legal team!"

— Samuel L.

"So happy I chose SeiferFlatow to represent my case! Ed Martin was amazing and came highly recommended!"

— Andrea K.

"Genuinely astonished they were able to get the outcome they did. 93 in a 65 and reckless driving. Both dismissed! No points, no insurance points, no suspension! 25/10 recommend and will definitely use this firm again… hopefully I’ll never have too, but if I do, it’s SeiferFlatow! Thanks guys so much."

— Brandon C.