Spotlight on Small Business in Charlotte

This week kicks off National Small Business Week (April 29- May 5) and also starts Small Business Month for Charlotte! Both occasions have us feeling extra grateful for both our clients who support a legal firm that takes a different approach than some of the larger, corporate-style firms and also for our small business clients. Our business law team loves supporting the growth of NC small business, one business at a time. By offering a wide array of business legal services, we are able to work with brand-new startups, growing companies, and those small businesses enjoying exponential growth.

Small Business Law in Charlotte, NC

If you own or run a small business, be sure to check out the latest posts on our site just for you and your company!

Small Business, Defined

The US Small Business Administration reports almost 30 million small businesses across the country. This group is responsible for employing nearly half of the workforce. The SBA defines a small business as a company with less than 500 employees. With that large of a population segment, small businesses demand and deserve support. Many small business owners struggle to have enough time, energy, or resources to accomplish all the tasks needed to not only run, but grow, their businesses. This means small businesses need to find partners to help them get things done.

How SeiferFlatow Supports Small Businesses

We recognize many NC companies with 500 employees or less may not have the staff or resources to form an internal legal team. That’s where our firm can help. We partner with small businesses to be their legal resource. We conduct business audits to highlight potential areas of concern; initiate document reviews to ensure future problems are avoided as much as possible; analyze HR practices such as hiring/firing, employee contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and privacy policies; structure client, vendor, and sales contracts; write policies, like OSHA compliance documentation; and represent businesses in litigation if needed.

This month, in honor of Small Business Month, we’ll be spotlighting some of our Charlotte small business clients. We can’t wait to share just a few of the incredible success stories found all over our city.