Representative Case: Personal Injury Claim Settled in Mediation

The personal injury team, led by senior partner Adam Seifer, at our Charlotte law firm is experienced in bringing justice and just compensation to those who have been injured due to the negligent actions of others. 

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While we are always ready to take your case to trial, we are often able to settle the case out of court, like we were able to do for our client Mariah O. 

About this Personal Injury Case

In 2021, Mariah was seated in the backseat of a taxi when the driver of the car pulled out in front of another vehicle, causing an accident. The force of the crash caused significant injuries to Mariah’s leg and pelvis. The surgery to repair the damage left her with permanent hardware in her body and decreased sensation in the nerve below the knee of her left leg. She also experienced anxiety and panic attacks post-accident and was diagnosed with PTSD. She received physical and mental health therapy to recover.

The accident didn’t just cause her physical and mental pain, it also caused her to lose wages from being out of work and caused her grades to suffer. Though she was still able to complete her college degree, her initial career aspirations were sidelined due to the permanent sedentary work restrictions she now has because of her injuries.

With the help of a vocational rehabilitation expert, a neuropsychologist, and our team’s analysis of future medical care, we were able to build a successful case. 

SeiferFlatow earned a decisive victory during the pre-litigation mediated settlement conference. Our client was awarded $500,000.

Definitions in this Case

Personal Injury

Personal Injury is the area of law that covers physical, financial, and emotional injuries caused by the accidental or intentionally negligent actions of others. One of the most common types of personal injury cases is auto accidents.

Damages or Compensation

Both terms refer to the amount the injured party may receive from the legally responsible party, whether it is agreed to during negotiations or decided on by a judge.

Vocational Rehabilitation Expert

A Vocational Rehabilitation Expert (VOC) is an authority in all areas of vocational rehabilitation, occupational and earning capacity, lost wages, and more. This expert helps to determine what you would have earned before your accident in relation to what you can earn after your accident, coming up with the value of those two earnings over time.


Mediation is part of the litigation process and usually takes place post-discovery. It is a private process outside of court that gives both parties the opportunity to describe the issues, discuss their interests, understandings, and feelings; provide each other with information, and explore ideas for the resolution of the dispute. If a resolution cannot be obtained during mediation, the case will proceed to litigation in a public court.

Our Client’s Five-Star Review of Our Services

“For the last 2 years, Adam & Mathew have made sure I felt at ease during the process and answered any texts or calls and questions to make sure my stress was minimal. I walked away happy & content with everything. I highly recommend them. Some of the nicest & most hardworking people I’ve ever met!”

Mariah O.

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