5 Lessons in 5 Years: Part Three

Today marks the fifth anniversary for the firm. While we had certainly hoped we would realize some success in combining our years of legal experience, we had no guarantee. Only a vision of where we wanted to go, a desire to work hard, and a shared belief that each client we worked with would be a part of the firm’s “family.”


Five years later, we have a formidable firm with a terrific staff, all of whom are focused on those same goals we set years ago. We’ve also been able to expand the firm to better serve Charlotte & our clients. Each year, we’ve been able to hold our heads high, knowing our clients receive the best attention and all the respect they deserve, and focus on the future of the practice. With all of our growth, we’ve definitely gone through several different phases in the business and thought we would share five things we’ve learned over the years. Read the first two lessons on Mathew’s post, the next two on Adam’s post, and the final lesson is:

Lesson Five: “The Best Sales Tool is a Great Reputation” – Regardless of sales tactics, shiny marketing materials or slick ads, the number one way to gain new business is to build a reputation in your field. As a firm, we have always taken the mentality that good work leads to new business. This is not a substitute for using marketing to let the public know of the good work we do, but we know our reputation (online and off) will be the deciding factor in the growth or demise of our firm. If you do a bad job for a client, you are not just closing yourself off to that client hiring you again, but also their friends, family, coworkers, anyone that reads their social posts/reviews, and maybe even their mail carrier. Doing a great job for somebody will repay tenfold.

We are truly grateful to be a part of this community and to have the opportunity to continue to serve the legal needs of those in/around the Charlotte area. We are proud of the team who helps us every day to make sure all of our clients feel valued, appreciated, respected, and heard – each one is a part of the SeiferFlatow family.