North Carolina Divorce Statistics

North Carolina is not in the top ten states with the lowest divorce rates, nor the top ten with the highest divorce rates. However, if you’re considering divorce in NC, it is sometimes helpful to know more about the numbers to put your situation in perspective. The infographic below highlights some key statistics with the most recent data available by state and federal government agencies (in most cases 2016).

There are also links to helpful resources on the bottom right of the infographic. Divorce is a big unknown for many couples, and equipping yourself with tools and knowledge, as well as finding an experienced family law attorney to provide guidance, is key to reducing as many stress factors as possible.

Divorce Statistics in NC

If you have additional questions about the divorce process in North Carolina, including separation times, custody questions, and premarital agreements, we are ready to assist you. You can also check out the resources on the bottom right of the infographic here:

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