Legal Help for International Businesses in NC

Charlotte startup business legal help

If You are a

Startup or Young Company

We'll sit down with you to review your goals and business. We'll can help you by providing startup advice and LLC setup.

Charlotte business legal help

For an

Established Business

For businesses with a few years (or decades) under their belts, we can assist with general business litigation and corporate compliance concerns.

Charlotte business growth

Businesses who

Are Growing or In-Transition

If your business is experiencing growth or headed for a major transition, we can provide you with help during your corporate change and transitions, as well as assistance during corporate growth and transitions.

Our Legal Work for International Businesses in Charlotte

By Mathew Flatow

SeiferFlatow, PLLC has built a strong reputation in the Charlotte business community for aggressive, yet practical, advocacy through years of experience representing small and mid-sized businesses in all of their legal needs. While our firm is best known for litigation work and excellence in the courtroom, many may not realize we offer a full suite…

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International Startups Entering the United States

By Mathew Flatow

While our Charlotte-based law firm is equipped to handle a variety of cases involving business litigation, we also support businesses through a host of transactional services, as well as assist companies looking to get started and those looking to grow in the United States. Our team has extensive experience working with US-based businesses who offshore…

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The Tools Available to Protect the Business Interests of International Companies

By Mathew Flatow

International companies doing business in the United States can encounter a litany of legal and regulatory challenges as they navigate a system of rules that can be quite different from those governing company operations at headquarters overseas. One of the keys to establishing and maintaining successful U.S.-based operations is the strong drafting of agreements that…

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Specific Issues When Foreign Corporations are Sued in the US

By Mathew Flatow

Unfortunately, companies in the United States must accept that, at some point, they will be sued and brought to court. Companies should budget for this eventuality and simply anticipate that they will have to deal with disputes as a major cost of doing business. Similarly, if you are a company based outside the US, doing…

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The Importance of Reviewing Agreements Presented by Your International Employer

By Mathew Flatow

With the increasing interconnectedness of our world, it is now quite commonplace for the American worker to be employed by a company that is based overseas. In the United States, the law provides companies doing business here with many tools that can be wielded to protect the interests of the company, including non-competition agreements, confidentiality…

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Charlotte as an International Gateway for Startups

By Jamie Filliben

Note: this post was updated October 2019 to include unique funding opportunities for startup companies in Charlotte and North Carolina. They say Charlotte’s got a lot, and it certainly does for today’s aspiring tech entrepreneurs.  Boasting the fastest growing tech industry in the United States, Charlotte is home to an international airport, a rapidly growing…

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Mathew’s Tips for International Business Travel

By Mathew Flatow

I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to travel to interesting places. While perhaps not the typical road warrior who has to take connecting flights to towns with three stop lights, I am able to travel, on the regular, to places such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and…

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Local Law Firm Instead of an Outside Firm

By SeiferFlatow Team

If you own a business in North Carolina that has been sued, the first step you should take is hiring a local law firm to defend the case and help protect your company moving forward. Many companies, especially those based outside of the US who own businesses in North Carolina, may consider hiring counsel from…

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Staying Fit While Traveling – International Business Travel

By Mathew Flatow

A common issue that business travelers have is how to focus on staying fit while traveling. Traveling consists of eating lots of quick meals in rushed environments with little time for exercise and general health. While on the road, it can be difficult to make sure you get enough sleep, which can also lead to…

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The Pros and Cons of Working for an International Company

By Mathew Flatow

Interested in working for an international company but worried that it might not be the right fit for you? I recently interviewed an employee of an international company and put together this list of pros and cons for you to consider when you are deciding whether or not to apply to work for an international…

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Startup advice

For new and young businesses, we'll help you create or review:

- Asset and liability protection

- Startup funding

- Local, state, and federal compliance needs

- A proactive employee plan, including procedures

- Documents for multiple owner companies such as operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and by-laws.

- Franchise documents

LLC Setup

The paperwork involved in launching a business can be overwhelming. We will help you by:

- Filing required documents with the Secretary of State and other applicable regulatory agencies

- Completing and filing Articles of Incorporation

- Completing and filing Articles of Organization

Business Litigation

We help clients with issues such as:

- Non-Compete violations

- Misappropriation of trade secrets

- Prosecuting and defending breach of contract claims

- General corporate litigation

- Collections work

Corporate Compliance

For established companies, we are often called upon to help with:

- Responses to EEOC charges

- Assistance in dealing with wrongful termination claims

- Advice for employment decisions to minimize risk of litigation

Corporate Change and Transitions

For companies experiencing change or transition, we are able to help:

- Negotiate a business sale

- Create purchase and sale agreements

- Draft licensee agreements

- Conduct real estate lease reviews

- Write vendor agreements

- Draft stock purchase agreements

- Write non-disclosure agreements

Corporate Growth and Expansion

If your business is growing, we can work with you on:

- New hire employee documents

- Hiring practices that protect your interests

- Employee handbooks

- Management policies to minimize risk

- Mergers, acquisitions, and shareholder disputes

From Our Business Clients

"I have been working with Mathew for years. He helped me start my business about seven years ago and basically served as an outside counsel whenever we had regulatory issues, personnel issues, litigation issue and even an arbitration. Of all our 'vendors' Mathew and his associate Liz were the most available. Whenever we had an issue, they were on it.

Recently, I decided to sell my company and start a new business. The sale was a major undertaking and Mathew and Liz marshaled it without a hitch. It was a three week rolling closing and they made sure the trains stayed on time. Really impressive. Now that I am opening a new company, they also have the knowledge to get everything in order.

I recommend Mathew and his firm for your business related issues. From the document work to litigation, they do it all. I will continue to use them in the future." 

- Jay, Client Review on AVVO

"I own a 15 person construction company and was having trouble with a minority owner. Mathew went through our bylaws and corporate documents and found a way to remove the minority owner and get our company back on track. Truly impressed by his aggressive problem solving.

I will keep going back for my business issues. He really gets it. His staff is wonderful too. Good team over there."

- Rob, Client Review from AVVO

Mathew Flatow SeiferFlatow partner

About Mathew E. Flatow

As a lawyer and a small business owner, Mathew has a passion for helping businesses. From startup assistance to helping businesses protect what they've built and manage healthy growth, he views his cases with a singular focus: to solve the problems faced by his clients.

Read more about Mathew and how he helps international businesses with a presence in North Carolina.