I highly recommend SeiferFlatow!

Adam represented me for a D.U.I. A case last year. It was a lengthy process, not due to any reason on his part but the courts. Adam did a very professional job, kept me informed and also did the “worrying” for me. My case was dismissed, but unfortunately that decision was appealed by the D.A. After a number of months while waiting for a court date for the appeal, Adam convinced the D.A. that they were in fact lacking evidence. I can honestly say as embarrassing as the situation was, Adam and his staff know the law, stuck to the facts and he was a very strong advocate for me and my innocence! I hope that I never need to utilize a criminal lawyer again, but would strongly recommend anyone to put their trust, faith and resources into Adam Seifer and the rest of the staff and partnership of SeiferFlatow!

– Adam, a DUI client (5 star review)