Finding a Charlotte Divorce Attorney: The Battle of the Sexes When Battling Exes

At one of the most fragile times in your life, you are faced with the daunting task to choose someone who will go to bat for you while you navigate the unknown territory of the divorce process. You’ll have to find someone that, prior to this day, you had no awareness of, nor did you have any reason to be know or research. Suddenly, however, you find yourself in need of an extremely competent Charlotte divorce attorney who will work to get the best outcome for YOU. What do you do?

finding a charlotte divorce attorney

Hiring a divorce attorney can feel like an overwhelming process. There is not a shortage of options, but how do you know who really has the experience necessary to lead your case or, maybe more importantly, how do you know who will be the right partner for you?

Here are some ways you can find a good family law attorney in Charlotte:

Google to Start a List of Charlotte Divorce Attorneys

This might seem obvious, but you might check for an attorney by searching “charlotte divorce lawyer” or “nc divorce attorney”. Scrolling through the results is one way to start gathering names. Don’t overlook the value in checking the firm’s Google reviews while gathering your list. We suggest creating a Notes or Word doc to list potential firms AND their website links. If you see a firm has only a handful of reviews or has excessively negative reviews, it might be best to leave them off the list altogether. 

Once You Have a List of Attorneys and Divorce Firms in Charlotte

Take some time to read through what information they’re sharing with potential clients and the community. You can do this by browsing their website, but you might make this process quicker by looking through their blog and their social media (check Facebook for reviews and information and perhaps Instagram for behind-the-scenes culture of the firm). Are they sharing videos with information about what you’re facing on their website, blog, or YouTube channel? It’s important to not overlook this step because often the care an attorney has for educating clients and non-clients online is a reflection of how they operate in real life. 

Start Trusting Your Intuition to Hire a Divorce Attorney

By now, you should have a list of 4-5 firms that have good feedback, share helpful information online, have a proven track record of results, merits of distinction, and feedback from clients. The next step is calling to talk to someone at the firm. How are you treated on the initial call? Is the next step explained to you? Will you be able to meet with a lead attorney for your consultation or will your initial family law consultation be with an associate or intake team? Finally, are you able to pick who will be handling your case? Depending on your needs and comfort level, you may prefer to have a male or female divorce attorney representing you.

Every attorney, regardless of sex, will have different qualities that you may find to be a good match for your situation and personal needs. Some attorneys approach the process with a process-focused foundation. They will help simplify complex situations and will not allow you to wander too far with emotions during crucial moments of the case. They will work to help keep you on-track and will ensure everyone keeps the end in mind. Other attorneys may strive to incorporate a more empathetic approach. They will be someone who will work to put themselves in your shoes and see things from your perspective while analyzing the next best legal steps.

Is one type of attorney better than another? Yes, but only based on who you would rather work with and how good the fit is with your personality and their approach. The case itself – opposing counsel, judges, and outcomes – will not be inherently better or worse for choosing one type of divorce attorney over another. 

Contact SeiferFlatow’s Family Law Team

Our approach is that you should have a choice in who handles your case. You will work with a lead attorney, and you do have your choice of male/female and a few different case approaches. The best way to determine who is the best divorce attorney for your situation is to talk to them. You’ll know if the fit is right sometime during the initial consultation.

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