Tough Enough for the NFL. Dedicated to Results for YOUR Case.

Adam Seifer is dedicated to his clients, but more importantly, he is ready to take on big insurance companies...and their lawyers.

Why Adam Seifer Is the Man for Your Case

Adam is an NFLPA-certified agent who has represented athletes on and off the field for nearly 10 years and has practiced as a licensed attorney for almost two decades.

As an agent, Adam has negotiated numerous multi-million-dollar contracts on behalf of his clients.

As a personal injury attorney, Adam is a shrewd negotiator and aggressive litigator. He does not back down against pressure from big insurance companies because his goal is to help secure the best outcome for every client - every time.

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Insurance Companies Are Not Looking Out for Your Best Interests

That's why you need an experienced attorney ready and willing to aggressively fight for you in and out of the courtroom. Your personal injury case is unique, and you deserve someone on your side who is unafraid to take on big insurance companies.

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In the meantime, here are some common issues and questions we see when dealing with Personal Injury and Car Accident Cases in Charlotte.

Am I entitled to compensation for car accident injuries?

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car accident

You’ve been in a car accident. You’re injured. You have medical bills piling up and no way to pay them. The average cost of medical care stemming from a car accident is about $15,000 – who has that kind of cash on hand? So, are you entitled to payment for those expenses? If You’re Not…

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