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Antonio Stukes v. Mizay Entertainment, Inc.

On Saturday, February 16, 2011, Rapper Juaquin Malphurs aka Waka Flocka Flame was in Charlotte in order to have his stereo equipment worked on and/or installed at a retailer on Independence Boulevard at 2:00 in the afternoon . Mr. Malphurs mingled with the general public and signed autographs as requested. Mr. Malphurs was managed by Mizay Entertainment, INC who hired a security detail to protect Mr. Malphurs at public events. The security detail was supervised by Mizay, who created and instilled various procedures and protocols on how the security detail was to act in various situations. These procedures and protocols allowed the security detail to be armed at all times and to fire weapons as needed. SeiferFlatow, PLLC client Antonio Stukes drove to meet Mr. Malphurs on this day in order to get an autograph and offer a demo CD that he recorded. As Mr. Stukes and his two friends got out of the vehicle, Mr. Stukes observed a member of Mr. Malphurs’s security detail brandishing a large handgun and started shooting his gun in the general direction of Mr. Stukes, without provocation. As Mr. Stukes was retreating towards Independence Boulevard, this second member of the security detail fired two shots from his handgun in the general direction of Mr. Stukes. One of the bullets fired by the members of the security team struck Mr. Stukes in the shoulder. Defendant Mizay was found liable to Mr. Stukes as the employer of the security detail on the grounds that the negligent acts and/or omissions undertaken by the members of the security detail. Defendant Mizay was further found liable for punitive damages.



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