10 Years of Law, Lessons, and Leadership

The law firm of SeiferFlatow is celebrating 10 years of client advocacy in Charlotte.

seiferflatow 10 year

On April 21, 2011, we opened our doors as a partnership committed to treating each client as more than a case number. We had both experienced the giant legal machines and broke away to serve people differently.

Of course we had no idea if that approach would resonate; if we could be successful enough to build a healthy practice; how quickly we might grow; if anyone would be able to pronounce the firm’s name; and if we could communicate our story effectively enough to bring clients in the door.

Ten years later, we are confident that our clients do feel our commitment to each one of their cases. They know, because of our actions, that we fully understand the implications each situation has on their lives, businesses, careers, and relationships.

Here’s a brief look back at how we progressed through the last decade, including what we learned, who helped us along the way, and interesting cases we handled.

2011 – SeiferFlatow, PLLC comes to life and signs a large, recurring client

seiferflatow 10

2012 – We signed our biggest case to date. (Terms of settlement are confidential.) 

2013 – We considered expansion as our firm hit a critical mass in terms of what two lawyers could handle alone. We decided to go all in and invested in digital marketing to help increase brand awareness.

2014 – Adam turned 40! We also hired our first associate, Destin Hall.

destin hall

2015 – A successful growth year for personnel. We brought five new members to the team.

2016 – We experienced rapid growth and a few growing pains to go along with that. We had to update our policies and procedures to manage the bigger group. We also focused on expanding our Family Law practice. Destin got elected to serve in the NC House of Representatives.

2017 – Premier Athlete Advisors and Benelux Events, LLC were formed in order to integrate a football agency and international investment company into the mix. 

2018 – This case made headlines and represented a massive amount of work. We also bought our building this year. Missy became a partner.

2019 – We brought long-time friends to work at the firm.

2020 – Our final court case before the pandemic shut everything down was ruled in our favor. And, amidst everything else, we expanded into South Carolina.

Other fun moments that stand out during the last ten years include an interesting case involving a VHS of Freddy Got Fingered, a case involving Waka Flocka, a charity bowling event with Panthers players, playing on a softball team, sponsoring a local tennis club, wrapping gifts for kids as a firm, several firm dinners and Christmas parties, and countless laughs from moments like this

Looking ahead, we couldn’t be more proud to call Charlotte (and now South Carolina) home. We love the city and the people we are able to help. We want to close by thanking those clients, partners, team members, allies, and others who supported us, gave us a chance, and helped us get to where we are today. Here’s to the next ten years!

Here’s a look back in pictures, if you’re interested!