Ryan Ames


Experienced Charlotte Attorney: DWI/DUI, Traffic, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury


Ryan has been a member of SeiferFlatow since 2015. He received his law degree from Wake Forest University School of Law in 2011 and graduated cum laude from Hofstra University in 2008.

Ryan is admitted to practice in North Carolina and Virginia, as well as in the United States Federal Court for North Carolina and Virginia.


Ryan Ames focuses his practice on criminal defense, including DWI charges, in both state and federal courts. He works hard to help clients facing criminal charges to navigate an overwhelming and stressful time while providing them skilled legal service.

Prior to joining SeiferFlatow, Ryan lived in Washington, DC and worked as a trial attorney in Northern Virginia. He has significant courtroom experience, having handled hundreds of trials in over twenty different jurisdictions.

Ryan’s peers recognized him as one of North Carolina’s “Top 40 Trial Lawyers Under 40”. He is a member of the Mecklenburg County Bar Association and the Mecklenburg County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.


Ryan is originally from central Maine, and spends most of his free time following the NBA (as a Boston Celtics fan) and hanging out with his dog named Cronus, who is roughly the size of an adolescent buffalo.

“We can pretty confidently distinguish ourselves from most competitors in that we will absolutely take a case with merit all the way - we are truly looking out for the best interests of our clients. We also provide more complex services that other firms don’t, like DMV hearings, contesting civil revocations, vehicle seizure motions, expungements, etc. We have been complemented by judges in open court after trials or motions. We commit ourselves fully to clients and their cases and to have that effort acknowledged in front of the client on a regular basis is a good feeling and is good for business.”

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What Do Clients Say About Ryan?

"Helped me with my tickets. Was facing losing my license. And helped take care of it. Always answered all my questions in a few seconds never had to wait for them to call me back. I would recommend this lawyer to everyone. Thank you for all your help."

— Christal

"Ryan Ames was there for me always on court and was very compentent. He always let us know the steps he was going to take in my case and all of the possible outcomes. Highly recommend."

— Tajah

"I would give 10 stars if I could! Ryan, in particular, helped me with a DWI case. I had never been charged with a crime like this before and did not know what to do or what to expect. Ryan let me know that I did have some favorable things going on in my case, but also set the expectation that I also had a high BAC, which was unfavorable. He referenced other cases to portray to me the favorable items in my case, which I found comforting. We connected the night before court and he reassured me that he was ready to present the case. Ryan got me the best outcome possible- my case was dismissed!!!! I’ve never been so relieved and elated in my life- such a burden lifted. Not only that, I’ll be hiring him/SeiferFlatow to help with an expungement- that’s what I call a one stop shop! Thank you so much for giving me my life back, Ryan!"

— Kelsey