This is a guest post from Jessica Brewer, a paralegal at our firm.

In the summer of 2012, I was fortunate enough to travel abroad and study in London, visit Paris for a weekend, and see countless historical sites such as Stonehenge, Tower of London, Oxford University and Hampton Court Palace. Then to top the entire experience off, this was the summer that London hosted the Olympics!

London Olympics

When I wasn’t in class learning about British history or touring historic sites, you could find me and my fellow classmates in full tourist mode in the evenings and during the weekends. If we weren’t out shopping on Oxford Street or taking Jack the Ripper and Harry Potter tours, then we were at the pubs watching the Euro Cup, out to dinner eating fish and chips, and mingling with the locals every chance we had.

One thing that did stand out to me throughout my time abroad, was the customer service I received while out and about. I was amazed at how patient the servers, bartenders, cashiers, etc. were with the customers they were assisting. With the Olympics going on that summer, London was slammed with tourists from all over the world and yet, their customer service stayed consistent day in and day out.

Once the summer of 2012 was over, I was back to my everyday life as a student at UNC Charlotte and working as a server on the weekends. I noticed that my interactions with classmates and customers had changed and that I was more patient, understanding, and empathetic to the needs of others. I realized that there was no need to rush, no need to get through a task as quickly as possible, and no reason to not slow down and pay attention to the others around me. On a daily basis, this was how countless servers, bartenders, cashiers, etc. interacted with their customers in London, and it worked! Though most of what I have to memorialize my time overseas is in photographs, my approach to working with clients was permanently impacted by those months in Europe.

Jessica Brewer Abroad

To this day, I strive to provide the same quality of customer service that I received while visiting London. When a client calls in to either ask a questions, schedule a consult or simple just to talk because they are nervous and anxious about their case, I make sure to provide each client with 100% of my attention, listen to what they are saying and provide whatever information I can to answer their questions or easy their minds. Whenever I receive an email or get a message that a client called in to speak with me when I wasn’t available, I always make it my priority to call the client back within the same day and respond to all emails within the same day as well.

Quality customer service is a universal language that we all can understand. No matter how big or small your case, SeiferFlatow  attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and staff will also do their utmost to provide each and every customer with the same level of customer service that I was lucky enough to experience across the pond!