After the Accident: Personal Injury Compensation in South Carolina

personal injury south carolina

In South Carolina, injury due to the fault or negligent actions of someone else could entitle you to personal injury compensation. It is crucial for your claim that you follow the steps listed below. Doing so may ensure that you get the maximum personal injury compensation available to you. Seek Medical Attention & Follow Your…

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What you need to know about Driver’s License Points in South Carolina

Driver's License Points

When clients call us about traffic-related issues – like speeding tickets – their first questions are usually:  How many points will the ticket add to my license? Can I avoid getting points on my license? How long do the points stay on my license? What are license points? In South Carolina, points are the consequences…

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Driving Under Suspension in South Carolina

driving under suspension in south carolina

Driving under suspension (DUS) is a serious traffic offense and never should be taken lightly. It can have a significant consequence to not only your driving privileges but also could result in the loss of your freedom. If you receive a driving under suspension citation, you should consult a South Carolina traffic attorney as soon…

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